Deeper understanding of the ecosystems of business and politics

Yatrus Analytics Platform provides you with insights you would otherwise miss

Combining a great variety of data sources


Yatrus Analytics Platform uses public and private data sources including social data, open government data, and financial data in conjunction with open source knowledge bases to give you the most accurate information possible.

Intuitive design and insightful functionalities


      After the numerous processes of analysis and synthesis, we transfer the data that has been analyzed into the most appropriate visual representation from a wide range of visualizations. Through an intuitive design we provide our clients with an easy way to take the end-product of all those heavy processes and understand the conclusions of the analysis quickly so that decisions are taken on time and actions are initiated appropriately.

It's all about understanding context


We provide you with the larger picture that you are a part of and we provide you with the data and a novel analytics approach using complex systems that will help you understand your environment.

With us, business leaders, financial leaders, public policy leaders and executive teams of all kinds who want to understand their place and strategy in the larger picture can do this in real-time as the environment changes thanks to a platform that gives a live-feed of all influential events and topics as they happen.

Furthermore, we show the networks of agents and their interactions, events and simulations of the possible strategic changes. All of this is done through the analysis of an enormous amounts of open source public and private data from social medias, financial taxonomies, political data and many other sources.

Scalable architecture


Yatrus Analytics Platform uses Hadoop and Spark technology stacks to enable real-time information discovery and alerting. The data visualizations are designed for ease of use and understanding, to enhance the seamless exploration of context surrounding the emerging information. The innovative network view is designed to automatically create links between new and old facts, connecting events, locations, and agents to facilitate exploration.



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