Where data flows,Knowledge grows

Who Are We?

Yatrus Analytics combines big data, complex algorithms, intuitive and user-friendly interface in order to follow one core
principle in which we beleive in: "Where data flows, knowledge grows". Based on multiple dynamic ontologies and enourmous amounts of data, our software technology allows our clients to leverage Yatrus Analytics Platform in their decision making processes.

We mine vast and heterogenous data sources to extract valuable information, afterwards we apply advanced analytics to put data in the context of our customer needs and present it to them in an intuitive and user-friendly manner. To provide them with added value intelligence, we analyze the systems surrounding the financial and political spheres.

How Did It All Begin?

Yatrus Analytics was founded in 2015 by a team of entrepreneurs and engineers sharing the common belief that data drives industry and society towards a better future.

Their common interest for innovation and fascination for the emerging field of Complex Systems Science, combined with knowledge in many fields including International Relations, Politics, Behavioral Economics, and computer science stemmed the desire to create a real time data analytics provider, thus Yatrus Analytics Platform was born.

Yatrus Analytics started with the basic assumption that investment managers, government officials, and business executives should have access to crucial real time information that affects their organizations.

Our advantages

What We Provide

Yatrus Analytics completely changes the way companies perceive real time data. Utilizing unique technology and applying network science models we not only discover information, visualize and analyze it, but also provide you with insights that you would otherwise miss.

Ultimately, our mission is to give companies knowledge instead of simple data.

We have built a higly scalable solution capable of analyzing social and text data, but our capabilities extend to the full spectrum of any and all unstructured data.


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